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June 29th


June 29th


June 29th

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Festival Day!

Festival Day!


JUNE 28th

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JUNE 30th

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(Stay tuned for ticket info!)




(Stay tuned for ticket info!)







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Become a Champion of Diversity and Inclusion!

Are you passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ rights and promoting a culture of inclusivity? Join us in making a difference by becoming a sponsor of TRPRIDE 2024! Our sponsorship opportunities offer a unique chance to showcase your brand's commitment to diversity while gaining valuable exposure to a wide audience.

Learn more about our sponsorship levels and the benefits of partnering with us by checking out our Sponsorship Guide. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accepting community for all.

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2 Years Strong!

Twice the PRIDE, Twice the Vibes!

In 2024, we're gearing up for our second year of PRIDE, and you know what that means ‚Äď it's going to be twice as incredible! While we can't unveil all the surprises just yet, rest assured that one day simply won't be enough to contain the celebration. As we embrace our official status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we're brewing up something truly remarkable to make #TRPRIDE24 an experience you won't want to miss. Get ready for a weekend brimming with excitement, inclusivity, and unforgettable moments.

We invite you to join us in making this PRIDE celebration the best one yet! It's your support that fuels our mission and keeps this vibrant event alive. Your generous contributions ensure that we can continue to create a festival filled with love, unity, and joy, not just this year but for many more to come. Stay tuned for updates as we reveal more about the fantastic festivities heading your way and how you can play a crucial role in making it all happen. Together, we can amplify the colors of #TRPRIDE24 and ensure it shines brighter than ever! ūüĆąūüéČūüíĖ

Looking back at...


Pride: In Every Heart

In 2023, we celebrated love and unity for ‚Äčall, proving that pride is an emotion we all ‚Äčshare. ūüĆą‚̧ԳŹ

The Joy of Love

There's no mistaking the joy and love in ‚Äčevery smile. 2023 was a year of happiness ‚Äčand unforgettable connections.

Families Unite

Families of all kinds gathered for Three ‚ÄčRivers PRIDE 2023, showing that love ‚Äčknows no boundaries.

Electric Performances

2023 brought performances that sparked ‚Äčexcitement and a sense of wonder. The ‚Äčstage was on fire! ūüĒ•ūüé§ Shout out to DJ ‚ÄčShor‚Äčt-E, pictured here.

Foodie Adventures

Good food, good friends, and good vibes. ‚ÄčThree Rivers PRIDE 2023 had it all. ūüćĒūüćēūüćß

Unforgettable Moments

2023 was filled with unforgettable ‚Äčmoments. Join us for #TRPRIDE24 for even ‚Äčmore magical experiences to come! ūüéČūüĆü

Check out more unforgettable moments ‚Äčfrom #TRPRIDE2023 here:

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Moyle-Carnes Family

Kirstin & Rob

Vander Giessen-Reitsma

We are incredibly grateful for our...


Confluence Cannabis

Watershed Voice

*culture is not optional

Rob and Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Useless Creatures Brewing Company

Timber Cannabis

The Goat Cannabis Co.

Daly Dope


Lowry’s Books & More

Marty Spaulding

Atlas Cannabis Co.

Michigan Meridian

Mint Cannabis

Outfront Kalamazoo

Portfolio Ink

Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Sherwin Williams


Superior Receipt Book Company

GG’s Cookies

St. Joe Community Co-op

Bronson Health

Uni-Q Jewelry

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A better,

brighter future...

At Three Rivers PRIDE, our vision for the future is nothing short ‚Äčof transformative. We dream of a world where love knows no ‚Äčbounds, where acceptance and equality are not just ideals but ‚Äčfundamental truths. Our goals are to create a community ‚Äčwhere every individual, regardless of their background, ‚Äčidentity, or orientation, feels empowered to live authentically ‚Äčand proudly. We aspire to break down barriers, fostering ‚Äčunderstanding and empathy among all, as we build a world ‚Äčthat celebrates diversity and embraces unity. We envision a ‚Äčfuture where our annual festival is just the tip of the iceberg ‚Äď a ‚Äčcornerstone for a vibrant year-round center that offers ‚Äčsupport, resources, and a safe haven for everyone in need.

Our dreams encompass fostering connections and cultivating ‚Äčeducational programs that promote LGBTQ+ awareness, ‚Äčmental health, and well-being. Through advocacy, outreach, ‚Äčand collaboration, we hope to drive positive change in our ‚Äčcommunity and beyond. The future we envision is one where ‚Äčacceptance becomes second nature, where discrimination ‚Äčbecomes a distant memory. It's a future where we continue to ‚Äčlight the way, inspiring others to join us in creating a more ‚Äčinclusive, compassionate world. With your support, we're not ‚Äčjust dreaming of this future; we're building it. Together, we are ‚Äčthe architects of a better world. Join us on this remarkable ‚Äčjourney, and let's turn our dreams into a vibrant, inclusive ‚Äčreality.

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